D.I.Y Autumn Decorations

1. Leaf Chandelier

We think this idea's simply brilliant, make nature glamorous and recreate this leaf chandelier! Drill a hole in the the top of canned jars, use rope and tie a knot big enough not to slip through on the inside side, add leaves of your choice and hang and display, fairy lights could also be a magical addition here.

2. Squash vases

This one's a nice quirky idea that looks great, simply cut a hole at the desired height on you squash and insert stems, we absolutely love the colours in the example below.

3. Leaf Candles

highlight the beautiful fire colour palette of autumn by lighting them up! wrap leaves around glass candle-holders and using a rope to tie them in place, it's an extremely simple idea and it's very effective!

4. Stick Clothing Rail

This is an idea you might have seen in a lot of interiors magazines lately and it's bound to give your bedroom a bohemian chic feel that brings the forest indoors. Find appropriate rails that you can drill into your wall, take a trip to the woods and pick a strong piece of wood, practice your knot-tying skills (we've included a link to some useful knots here) and hang! It's a great way to display your outfits and another suggestion would be to spray paint the stick a metallic colour to be even more on trend this autumn.

5. Flower and leaf press

Collect leaves and flowers you'd like to display, put them in a press, or even a book you can close tightly with pressure, take out the flowers and leaves after a number of days and create your beautiful autumn designs in empty frames. These look especially stunning if you can display them between two sheets of glass and set beside your windows.

6. Stick Letters

This is a great project to do with the kids to mark their bedrooms and your own! Collect a large quantity of sticks and twigs and get a strong adhesive glue, create the shape of the desired letters and leave to dry for a long time. 

7. Forest Friends

This is one is a fun one for the little ones, use leaves to create animals or any other kinds of scenes and display them, a great way to display these creations would be to create mobiles from them to let them hang.