D.I.Y. Lampshades - projects to get your creative juices flowing

1. Ribbons can be used to add colour and create great patterns. All you need is:

-- Drum-style fabric lampshade
-- Ribbon in your desired colours and required lengths
-- Glue
-- Tape measure
-- Pencil
-- Straight pins

2. Thinking of travel? light up your room with a cityscape lampshade:

Print out a chosen cityscape, pit it appropriately to your lampshade and use different sized needles to punch holes in the lampshade creating the the outline and details.

3. Illuminate your favourite pieces of literature. Wether you'd like to light up newspaper clippings, excerpts from your favourite books or maps, it's simple:

collect your clippings and glue them on to your lampshade - easy peasy!

4. Get your paints out! Create your own patterns with bright colours.

We love this subtle style created with stencils and metallic spray paint.

5. Think outside the box - take off the material and use the frames of old lampshades for your design.

Using ribbons, threads and beads adds a fun feel to old frames

6. Looking for luxury? Make your own chandelier!

It's as easy as taking a hanging flower pot and letting your imagination flow with beads and wire.

7.  Get cosy and reuse old jumpers to create these lampshades.

Simply fit your jumper over the lampshade, cut out the arms and top and glue on!

8. Shade of texture. cut out different shapes and stick them onto a lampshade.

We love the metallic look below, but don't be afraid to go bold mixing different shapes and colours.