10 strange but extremely clever kitchen gadgets.

Express Kitchens Cork presents:

some of the strangest but weirdly clever kitchen gadgets ever invented.

I would love some of these in my kitchen but some of them are just crazy!! What do you think?


1. A toaster where you can see tour toast getting browner.

2. A bowl with a container underneath for seeds and shells.

3. This makes chopping an onion easier and safer.

4. A jug that tells you EXACTLY how much liquid you have.

5. Mini fondue mugs.

6. Perfectly measure out each bun.

7. The freshest lemon spray ever!

8. Prepare homemade chips in seconds.

9. Inject your sauce/ maranade INSIDE your meat.

10. This cute fish that separates your eggs.

23 - yXfAa8f.jpg

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