D.I.Y Hallowe'en Decorations

As it's getting ever closer we thought we'd share some easy D.I.Y decoration ideas with you!!

1. Glowing Masks

Simply buy plain masks from your nearest arts and crafts shop and get some glow sticks or electric candles to stick behind them and hang them up!! :)

2. Flying Bats

cut out a stencil of half of the bat body, fold black card and cut the bats out, use double sided sticky tape or create a mobile using string.

3. Hallowe'en Balloons

This is a fun one to do with the kids, get Hallowe'en coloured balloons and a black marker and draw on different spooky faces.

4. Scary Hand

Use the masking tape to stick the straw onto your wrist, so that the tape doesn't get stuck to you. Create a mould of your hand using tape and then cut along the straw, tape back together in the shape of your hand and put glow sticks inside.

TIP: you may need to use something cylindrical like the inside of a roll of toilet paper to keep the shape of the hand if you want to have it standing.

5. Hanging Ghosts

You'll need table tennis balls, cloth, googly eyes, glue and plastic bottles. Put the ball resting on the top of the bottle, glue the cloth on top, cut out the bottom of the bottle and add googly eyes.

TIP: To keep the shape of the ghosts use fabric stiffener.

6. Black Bag Decorations

All you need are black bags and scissors for these ideas. For the door hanging simply cut the seams of the black bag, and cut strips into it.

To make the spider web, fold up the black bag as seen above and cut out squares. Really simple but effective decorations!

7. Pumpkin Sweets

This is a nice touch for trick or treaters, wrap up the sweets in orange tissue paper and use green tape to hold together, thus creating a small pumpkin!